Escuela Para Padres / Parenting School


In general, the family—most particularly the parents—should be willing to support the child with resources, encouragement, supervision, chauffeuring, and, at times, direct participation.

“I loved it!  I felt so informed with everything we were being taught.  I even shared some info with my son.  It was a great way of learning about parenting.”

“Although the stories were unbearable, it brought it to my attention how important your talk is.  Thank You for inviting me!  You really are making a difference in the way children are treated and raised.”



Parenting school in Greenlands is:

*A group of learners that bring their experiences and situations to the group and ensure that no one feels left out.

*A heterogeneous, free and democratic group that provides different solutions to problems.

*A group that works together for solutions to problems within the family

*A group that is willing to learn, experiment and communicate

 *A group guided by trained professionals in each specific field


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